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의대공부는 내가 죽을때가 다 되어가는구나 라고 생각될때 그만두는거야...

breath the knowledge and information. and become one of them.

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is this still real life?
is this just med school?
caught by surprise
no escape to reality
open your books
and memorize everything
youll be a poor boy
and youll get no symphaty
becuz testing comes testing goes
grades are low
grads still low
anyway i study, doesnt really matter
for me
help me

just failed my test
too much info in my head
chens questions i misread
school has just begun
and now ill never see the light of the day
dr. hubbard made me cry
if i dont learn t4 before tmr
trophoblast~ trophoblast
and there's folding at 4 weeks

all looks the same
neutrophil or plasma cell
now thats sth i can tell
help me anybody, i need to know
how to study so i dont remediate
he got his first aid
i got my first aid
i now just figured out ill be ok!

i see a littl cerebellum of a man
titubate, titubate
he can be even do the tango
parasites are biting
very very frightening me!
dr. leonard
dr. sherwood
dr. bondons
dr. dobin
dr. ogden let me go
im just a gunner nobdy loves me
hes just a gunner nobdy loves him
spamming professor inccessantly
immuno, physio, least its not orgo
vincent van gogh
menieres disease we know
its winged from stabbing bro
stabbing bro!
must be tic douloureux
learn neuro!
morula you know
digeorge in Immuno!
no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

an exam from head to toe
i drew some blood
now mom's very very proud of me 
of me
of meeeeee!

dont assume i've tay sachs
cuase i eat jewish rye!
you should know river blindness
is caused by a black fly!
oh rabies
im full of negri bodies!
beyond any doubt
i actually enjoy being here!

grades don't really matter
i know you cant foresee
grades don't really matter
patients are what matter
to me!

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개 피곤하당..

shit tons of work to do...

and this work is never gonna end.

cuz thats what i do. 

and i gotta findout some meanings in this chaos.

or do i have them?

it doesnt matter. 

the moment right now is the most happiest moment of life.

because its neither past nor future.

because its THE present

how can anything be meaningful then NOW?

so here my life goes on... 
t s f k o d s k s r a z s t i d i a t e s n s r o i e t t e t t w s e t t t f e s r t r e s E w n g e l n o e y e s .

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단순함은 복잡함보다 어렵다. 생각을 간단하고 명료하게 단순화하기 위해서는 복잡함 이상의 노력이 필요하다.
. .

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